Nadene B. Avatar

My appointments with Dr. DelMonte have been helpful, informative, and focused on optimal health. He is smart, pleasant, and patient. I feel I’m in good hands!

Nadene B. 9/04/2019
Maricel J. Avatar

My feet never feel better till I see Dr. Del Mundo. He's simply great and ask all your questions. Overall I have great positive experience.

Maricel J. 8/27/2019
LiddyEl E. Avatar

Exceptional Dr.! He did a very complete and thorough examination of my ankle and reviewed both CD and Report..which i greatly appreciated. He is so skilled that he was able to tell GREAT deal of whats going on by identifying certain points of my ankle, along with the MRI results. I especially liked that Dr. Del Monte was very kind and compassionate, yet very straightforward and honest. It was also refreshing how he gave me MANY treatment options rather than just surgery and had directed me to a skilled therapist who deals with my condition as it was a bit more complicated. He also got me a FAR better walking cam boot than the one Id limped in with...and i left his office with a little bounce in my step feeling far more hopeful...Thankful for this Dr.

LiddyEl E. 4/29/2019
Miranda H. Avatar

Wonderful experience, professional, friendly, compassionate, considerate and supportive. I DON'T like taking medication Mr Del Monte is truly a great podiatrist he listens offers his professional opinion and advice. Yet still respects his patients wishes and opinion. With a great office staff a clean and neat space.. Great atmosphere I highly recommend this podiatrist. Thank you Mr Del Monte

Miranda H. 7/10/2019
Danielle H. Avatar

I like Dr Del Monte because he is direct and gets straight to the point. No beating around the bush. This is the issue, here are your options. I guess if you need to whine and be coddled, he’d accommodate but I don’t need that and his style works great for me. One foot surgery a couple years ago and another issue addressed yesterday. I’m on my way to more pretty feet!

Danielle H. 6/04/2019